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ShipleySystems, LLC Free Spam Blocker

We have developed and  installed and available a new very sophisticated Spam Blocker.  It has been eliminating 70 to 90 Percent of the Spam with a very minimal amount of operator intervention after we install in your mailbox.  If the customer spends a little extra effort in managing it is estimated that we can eliminate 95% of the Spam.  The new Spam Blocker is FREE to all ShipleySystems Dial-Up and DSL Customers.

Click this Link to request Spam Assassin Setup.  Please all up to 3 Business days for Installation.

The spam blocker works inside our Browser or Web-Mail.  To view the blocked messages you log into browser mail and can view the Spam Folder.  If you don't delete the spam the server will daily purge the spam deleting any spam more than 4 days old.  The filter is Spam Assassin, and works by grading the mail with a rule set and checks several national lists of known spammers.

You can Whitelist any sender or Domain in the spam folder if the server accidentally puts good e-mail in the Spam folder.  You can also Blacklist and mail in you in-Box if the server Misses some.  We suggest to maximize the operations of the spam blocker that you view the mail with the Web-mail, check the spam then if you like Outlook express run it after the web-mail.  Mail tagged as spam will stay on the server and will not download to Outlook or Outlook Express.

We have provided the Following Frequently asked Questions in order to help you understand SPAM.  The older spam blocker currently being used by some customers will be phased out by 12/31/2004.

What is Spam or Unsolicited Bulk Email?

How do the Spammers Currently Operate?

Why can't you Block Spam with Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express?

How much does Spam really cost You?

How does our New Spam Blocker Work?

Good Operator practices to Minimize the amount of spam you receive.

Should I hit "remove"?

Complete Operator Instructions for Spam Blocker

Can I have a Report of Spam Activity Mailed to Me Daily?

What Happens to the Undeliverable Mail that the Server Sends

Is there a More sophisticated Spam Blocker?

How do I get the Spam Blocker?

What is Spam

Spam or Unsolicited Bulk Email, is considered by most users as Junk mail that is Cluttering their Mail Box.  Spam is flooding the Internet with many copies of the same message, in an attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it. Most spam is commercial advertising, often for dubious products, get-rich-quick schemes, or quasi-legal services, an Pornography. Spam costs the sender very little to send -- most of the costs are paid for by the recipient or the carriers rather than by the sender.

There are two main types of spam, and they have different effects on Internet users. Cancelable Usenet spam is a single message sent to 20 or more Usenet newsgroups. (Through long experience, Usenet users have found that any message posted to so many newsgroups is often not relevant to most or all of them.) Usenet spam is aimed at "lurkers", people who read newsgroups but rarely or never post and give their address away. Usenet spam robs users of the utility of the newsgroups by overwhelming them with a barrage of advertising or other irrelevant posts. Furthermore, Usenet spam subverts the ability of system administrators and owners to manage the topics they accept on their systems.

Email spam targets individual users with direct mail messages. Email spam lists are often created by scanning Usenet postings, stealing Internet mailing lists, or searching the Web for addresses.  Many companies and web sites you visit will also sell your address.  Email spams typically cost users money out-of-pocket to receive. Many people - anyone with measured phone service - read or receive their mail while the meter is running, so to speak. Spam costs them additional money. In an office or work environment the spam costs the Boss Labor for the Employees to read, process and delete the Extra e-mails.  On top of that, it costs money for ISPs and online services to transmit spam.

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How Do The Spammers Operate

Most modern Spammers have very sophisticated Mail servers that send thousands of messages an hour to address lists that have purchased, or acquired.  Most of these servers will have a random number or a random series of letters embedded in the Address that they appear to be coming from (See Table Below).  This will prevent you from Replying to them, or blocking in your email client.  A lot of the emails contain a Link to Remove you from the address list, don't believe them.  Most of the Remove Links will not remove you, but will serve to let them know that they have reached a functioning mail box and that you are Reading their Mail. Sample from addresses:

Find duplicates for Mail By E-Mail Blue
EmailAddr Field

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Why Can't You Block Spam with Outlook or other e-Mail Program

Most of these Spammers will have a random number or a random series of letters embedded in the Address that they appear to be coming from (See Table Above).  This will prevent you from Replying to them, or blocking in your email client.  If you Block One Message it will do just that, and the next Message they send to you will have a different sender.  Microsoft, Netscape and others have tried to incorporate spam blockers but they are currently ineffective.  There are also a lot of very expensive spam blocker that do work and a Lot than don't work.  If you have doubts, ask us, we have been seeking a viable solution to the Spam for a Long Time.

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How much does Spam really cost You

If you are a home user the spam costs you a lot of your valuable time, downloading, reading and deleting the spam.  Spam also can clutter your hard drive with a lot of junk and can actually make your computer run slower.  If however you are in a Company, organization or governmental entity Spam is actually costing the employers many hours a month dealing with the Spam.  It is estimated the average person will spend over 2 hours per week dealing with Spam.

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How does our New Spam Blocker Work?

Our spam Blocker utilizes a list of rules and several national known spammer data bases to evaluate mail unless the sender is on your Blacklist of Whitelist.  If the sender is not in either list the Server will place the message in the Spam folder on the server for your examination.

The server will delete any messages in you Spam folder when they are over 4 Days Old. 

The user Maintenance is all preformed by the user, and accomplished by Blacklisting or Whitelisting senders in the Browser Mail.

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Good Operator practices to Minimize the amount of spam you receive.

There are a lot of things on the internet that are advertiser supported and may profess to be FREE.  If it sounds to good to be true it probably isn't.  Mass Marketers offer free goods, discounts, or free entrance into drawings in order to get you to give them your e-mail address while you are surfing.  Most of the Free Greeting card companies are also advertiser supported.  On most of the web pages wanting your e-mail address you will find fine print that allows them to have and sell your e-mail address if you participate in their gimmick.  Once one of the Mass Spammers has your e-mail address, your SPAM will increase, as they will sell your address to other Spammers as a revenue source.  Be careful where you give your e-mail address, or have 2 different e-mail addresses, one for Family, Friends and places you want to receive mail from, and a second e-mail that you give to websites as you know you are going to get Junk.  You can usually plan on deleting most of the Jukn.

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Should I hit "remove"?

A lot of the spam that we get and that people write to us about comes with instructions on how to "remove yourself from our list". Yet, more often than not, the remove instructions don't work. Why is this?

Basically, you've just experienced what many call "rule #1": Spammers lie.

Remove lists don't work. Even the United States government has noticed this: "We are also working on (spam) cases that involve claims that you can opt out, when in fact what clicking on the link to unsubscribe will do is simply verify that you have a valid e-mail address, so that you can then get lots of spam instead of a little.

Don't waste your time trying to jump through the spammers' hoops. Plenty of people have documented the fact that not only do remove lists not work, but  they verify to the spammer that your e-mail address is good, and so then they put it on the premium CD and sell it to the next spammer for even more money.

Can I have a Report of Spam Activity Mailed to Me Daily?

No, you can view spam messages on-line.


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What Happens To Non Deliverable Mail the Server Sends

As the server is sending the verify messages for the sender to reply to, many of them are going to be sent to nonexistent mail boxes, there fore the are going to be returned as non Deliverable.  You can elect to have these send back to you or we can store them in a NDN Folder on the server to avoid Bothering you.

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Is there a More sophisticated Spam Blocker?

For our standard user our new standard Blocker is the Best spam blocker that we have tested. Being very easy to use and maintain.

We also have on our servers spamassassin which is a super spam blocker that scans the mail using rules, looking for keywords.  It the grades the mail containing various keywords.  If it feels spam has been found it will send you an e-mail notifying you of the spam grade and will attach the original mail as an attachment incase you want to read it.  It is however more expensive to install, has a higher monthly fee and is somewhat more difficult for the user to Maintain.  Contact us if you need information on spamassassin.

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How do I get the Spam Blocker?

Please send an e-mail to shipley@shipleysystems.com indicating that you want to try the spam blocker or call us at 461-6448.  Include List of your friendly domains, and list of your News Letters.  All programming is done on our servers, and no installation is required on your computer.  We will install the spam blocker as soon as we can based on the number of requests we have.  We will then add the fees to your next bill and notify you that is operational.  We are currently giving all users a Credit Memo to cover the first month of this Premium Service.

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