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Running WinsockXPFix.exe Your Window XP PC

If your internet connection stops working after removing spyware using adaware or spybot, or because you removed a virus, your TCP/IP stack may have been corrupted.  Running WinsockXPFix.exe may correct this problem.  WinsockXPfix restores the files associated with connecting to a tcp/ip network.  You can either download WinsockXPFix.exe by clicking on the link (it will fit on a floppy disk) or you can get it off of the Anti-Virus CD that you can sign out from your front office.  It is located in the Winsock fixes folder on the CD.  

Double click on WinsockXPFix.exe.  You will get a window like this:

First, click on the ReG-Backup button.  This will backup your registry.  This is a just a precaution.

Click Ok.

Click Ok.  You will get the following window showing that your registry is being backed up.

Click Ok.  You will go back to the main window.  Click Fix

Click Yes.  It will run for a about a minute and a beep will sound and you will get this window.

Click Ok and let you PC reboot.  When it comes back up you should be able to get on the network.







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