ShipleySystems, LLC

Mail Address:  PO. Box 866

Shipping :  1324 W. Tucumcari Blvd

Tucumcari  NM  88401-0866


Phone (505) 461-6448

Fax (505) 461-8584


Self-Hookup Instructions Windows 98


Each Place you may see <Login> Substitute it for your Login  __________________


Your E-Mail Address is:                    <Login>     Password  _________________



Our Web Page is at:


You May need your Windows CD to finish installing any components and Drivers that you may not have originally installed.


Network Settings Non Networked Computer:

1.                    Click Start, go up to settings, Click Control Panel, in control panel click Network

2.                    “Client for Microsoft Networks” Should be present, if not Choose Add Client.  Settings  for the Microsoft Family Log on and Microsoft Virtual Private Network should only be used in special circumstances.

3.                    TCP/IP Protocol should be present if not Choose Add Protocol, Microsoft and add Tcp/Ip. 

4.                     Dial Up Adaptor.  If this is not present choose Add Adaptor, Microsoft and Dial Up Adaptor. 

5.                    If your computer is a Part of a Local Area Network (LAN) Please ask us to help or check your settings.  Things such as Virtual Private Networking, Microsoft Family, and Lan cards will work along with the Internet if properly configured.  America Online Adaptors are not compatible with most Internet Service Providers you should remove these.


Modem Phone Number:       

  1. Click Start, go up to settings, Click Control Panel, in control panel click Modems
  2. On General Tab Click Properties.  Check and set Maximum speed to 57,600 or any setting just barely faster than your Modem (Federal Law restricts us to 51,300), then click Ok.  (Note: If you have a good phone line in Tucumcari, Logan, or San Jon and a Good Modem, you can expect to connect at about 49,000.  If you have a bad phone line your speed will be slower.  The Conchas exchange and an area North West of Tucumcari tends to be Slower.
  3. To disable call Waiting Customers who have Call Waiting or Custom Calling packages should disable it to avoid being knocked off the Internet when the Phone Rings.  On General Tab Click Dialing Properties.  Put Check on the Disable Call waiting. Choose *70, From Pull Down This will disable call waiting while you are on the internet to keep you from getting disconnected each time the phone rings.  It will be automatically restored when you hang up.


Dial Up Networking To make sure that the system Configuration is set property check the following settings. In the Dial Up Networking the following settings are used:  If you have Internet Connection Wizard it will make this Easier. 


1.                  Click My Computer with the Right Mouse, Choose Explore from the List.

2.                  Click Folder Dial Up Networking.

3.                  Click Make New Connection

4.                  Type name ShipleySystems in Connection Name, Click Next

5.                  Type in Modem Phone Number 461-6125 (Dash Not Required) Click Next

6.                  Click Finish, Shipley systems will Appear Below Make New Connections.

7.                  Experienced users can have Multiple Dial Ups, We recommend Beginners only have one and the rest should be deleted.

8.                  Click ShipleySystems with the Right Mouse Button and Choose Properties with either Mouse Button.  To Bring up Dial Up Properties.

9.                  On General Tab Turn Off the Check Mark on Use Area Code.

10.              On Server Types Tab

1.                  Turn Off Log on to Network

2.                  Turn On Enable Software Compression

3.                  Turn off NETBUI

4.                  Turn Off IPX/SPX

5.                  Turn on TCP/IP

11.              Click the TCP/IP Settings Button

1.                  Choose Server assigned IP Address

2.                  Choose Server Assigned Name Server

3.                  If your Computer needs or you Desire you can enter Name servers in the Boxes

1.         Primary Domain Name Server

      2.         Secondary Domain Name Server


Internet Explorer Options:

Click Start, go up to settings, Click Control Panel, in control panel click Internet Options:

1.   On General Tab Set Home Page.  We recommend this way you can make sure our servers and the net is up before you begin Surfing.

1.      Connections Tab

1.                  Click on ShipleySystems in Dial Up settings Window to Highlight it, then click Set As Default.

2.                  Click Always Dial My Default Connection

2.      Security Tab.  This usually comes up Medium.  If you wish to connect ot secure web sites such as shopping carts, Bank accounts, Brokerage accounts, Professional subscriptions you may have to change this to Low and Enable the java Scripts on the Advanced Tab.  Call us if you have questions.

3.      Content Tab.  We recommend that you Do Not Enable the Content Advisor, as most indecent web sites don’t publish a certificate for Internet explorer to use.  If you ever enable this and loose the password it is hard to compromise.  If you have Children in the house we have excellent software to police their browsing.

4.      Click “Apply” and then Ok.


You are Ready to Begin Surfing


E-mail Using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express

1.                  Clicking word “Tools” at top of the screen

2.                  Then Choosing “Accounts” from the Pull Down

3.                  Choose the account you want to edit and check the settings.  We recommend that if you have more than one account that the ShipleySystems account is set at the Default.

4.                  If you don’t have any accounts Click Add then Mail

1.                  You will enter a Wizard

2.                  Display Name, Type in Your Name ie: John Doe

3.                  Type e-mail Address as (Lowercase)

4.                  Click Next

5.                  The Incoming Server is a POP3

6.                  Incoming server (POP3) Name:

7.                  Outgoing server (SMTP) Name:

8.                  Click Next

9.                  Account Name, Type in <login> or Account Name         

10.              Type in Password

11.              Click Check to Remember password.  If you leave blank you may have to type in password to log on to Internet and type password again to get mail.

12.              Click Next

13.              Choose Connect by Phone

14.              Choose ShipleySystems by clicking to Highlight

15.              Choose Use Existing connection

16.              Click Next

17.              Click Finish. To get back to the list of mail accounts.

5.                  To edit the settings and finish up

6.                  Click on ShipleySystems and choose Set as default

7.                  Then Click Properties Button

8.                  General Tab

1.                  Name Is your Normal Name

2.                  Organization is your Organization or Company name

3.                  Email address is <login> our server will give you an error unless you are a ShipleySystems or one of its hosted customers.

4.                  Reply Address is address that the recipient will send back to if you want your replies going to another e-mail account.

9.                  Advanced Tab Turn off the option to leave messages on the server.  All accounts have a total of 5mb or space on the server for free.  Extra storage is billed, and leaving mail on server can add up quickly, especially if graphics files.


News.  If you use Outlook or Outlook Express to check or subscribe to a News Group



We would also request that all customers read our Acceptable Use Agreement for terms and conditions regarding the use of the Internet.   To help us keep down costs and continue to provide you the Internet Customer service at a reasonable price we ask that you disconnect or allow your computer to automatically disconnect during long idle periods or when the connection is no longer needed.  Our servers will disconnect connections that have extended periods of inactivity. 


We appreciate your business, and if you have any questions please feel to call us at 461-6448 or send us e-mail to  or to any of the Individual mail Boxes Below.



Common Troubleshooting of Internet Problems:


1.      Can’t Connect to the Internet: When clicking the Internet explorer or Outlook, you do not see the dial-up come up or you don’t hear the modem.  This is our single largest trouble call.  If a web site is ever down the Internet explorer gives you the Message “Page can’t be displayed” and asks, “Do you want to work Offline?”  If you ever answer Yes, You are set permanently off line.  To fix this Click Start, Click Settings, Click Control Panel, Click Internet Options.  Go to Connections Tab.  You will probably find a dot on “Never Connect to Internet”, Change this to “Always Dial my Default Connection”, Click Apply, Click Ok.  You are now able to go back on Line.

2.      Can’t Receive E-mail:  Norton Anti Virus 2000 and 2001 sometimes will mess up the Account Names and Server Names, especially when running a Live Update.  See Outlook Configuration Above.

3.      Page Can’t Be Displayed or DNS Error:  This means that either you typed the address in Wrong, or the Web Site is down.  Please verify that the ShipleySystems pages are up, and then check one of the big boys like Yahoo, MSN or so on.  We can’t be responsible for all of the rest of the servers in the world, and occasionally Servers else where do go down, please don’t call us about this unless our servers are down and you can’t log on or display our Pages.

4.      Password Invalid after Retry.  Occasionally when accounts don’t pay their bills, or ignore our warnings about double logging on, we have to disable the accounts.  Your account can be re-instated without a reconnect fee by paying the Past Due and the Next Months Bill.  We usually disconnect for Past Due accounts between the 15th and 20th of the month.

5.      E-Mail Rejected by the Recipients Server.  You may have typed the e-mail address wrong, the e-mail address has changed, the recipient’s server is down, or the recipient has exceeded the storage limit on the Server (Many Large Free e-mails Police this very strongly).  If their Server is down, our server will continue to try for up to 5 days, and you may receive warning notices that we are re-trying.