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ShipleySystems Tech Support Page Canít Be Displayed or DNS Error

Make Sure that you are on the Internet (Check the Connection in the Tray on the Right Side Next to The Clock).  If not See Can't Connect to Internet

This means that either you typed the address in Wrong, or the Web Site is down.  Please verify that the ShipleySystems pages are up, and then check one of the big boys like Yahoo, MSN or so on.  We canít be responsible for all of the rest of the servers in the world, and occasionally Servers else where do go down, please donít call us about this unless our servers are down and you canít log on or display our Pages.

Some customers have insisted on putting IP Addresses in the DNS Servers.  This is a Very Bad Idea, and you should let the Server Assign the DNS.  See Networking, TCP-IP Properties.  If you insist on putting in Numbers, call Eddie or Brian and we will Give you the DNS Server Addresses.






All Purchases of RadioShack Merchandise must be made in the Store.  We can assist you in ordering On-Line from RadioShack.com.
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