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ShipleySystems Tech Support E-Mail Rejected by the Server

When E-mail is Rejected by the Recipients Servers the following may have occurred:

You may have typed the e-mail address wrong.  Make sure it is all Lowercase and has the @ with No embedded spaces.  example shipley@shipleysystems,com is a valid e-mail address.  You Can't mail to www.shipleysystems.com as that is our Web address.

The e-mail address has changed

The recipientís server is down.  If their Server is down, our server will continue to try for up to 5 days, and you may receive warning notices that we are re-trying.

The recipient has exceeded the storage limit on the Server (Many Large Free e-mails Police this very strongly). 

There are also many other Outlook Errors.  If you would like to view these (Click Here).  If you call our support department, the first thing we will ask for is the Error Number.






All Purchases of RadioShack Merchandise must be made in the Store.  We can assist you in ordering On-Line from RadioShack.com.
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