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Using a Rug Doctor is as easy as using a vacuum cleaner. If you can vacuum, you can Rug Doctor.

Just follow the five easy steps to cleaner carpets listed below. We have also included instructions for our upholstery tools. If you have any problems with these steps, just call 1-800 RUG DOCTOR, where a Rug Doctor Hotline Operator is available to assist you. 

Note: These instructions are for the Mighty Pack Upright only. If using another model Rug Doctor, refer to the instruction brochure, or the instructions on the machine itself.

(1) Move furniture and vacuum area to be cleaned. Make sure loose strands, seams and edges on your carpet are secure.

(2) Pre-treat any unusual or especially stubborn spots or stains with Rug Doctor's specialty cleaners.


(3) In a clean bucket, add between 2 and 4 oz. of Rug Doctor Steam Cleaner solution per gallon of hot tap water. Remove the upper tank by lowering the restraining wire and fill LOWER red tank with cleaning solution. Add 2oz. of Rug Doctor Anti-Foam directly to the upper white tank to prevent excessive suds build up. Replace upper tank and clear dome, making sure it's secure, to ensure a strong vacuum seal.

(4) Make sure machine has been set up for cleaning carpets as opposed to upholstery. (Refer to instruction panel on front of handle.) Plug the cord in and position the machine. Turn on the vacuum switch. Squeeze the hand lever (or, depending on model, press button on the top of the handle) and begin pulling the machine backward in a straight line. Pull at a slow steady pace. You will feel the vibrating action of the brush and begin to see soiled solution entering the clear dome.

5) Release the hand lever about 6 to 12 inches before the end of each cleaning pass to stop the solution from dispensing. Tilt the machine back and move forward to start another backward cleaning pass. Continue cleaning in this manner. Empty UPPER tank when dirty water stops entering clear dome.



How Do You Attach the Upholstery Tool?)  1) If using a Mighty Pack, go to the back of the machine and disconnect the gray vacuum hose from the machine.

2) Attach this hose to the end   of the gray vacuum hose attached to the upholstery tool.

3) To connect the solution hose, disconnect the solution hose from the machine by pressing down on the brass rings which will release the solution hose. Move the hose out of the hole on the brass coupler. While holding the brass rings down, insert the nickel plated end of the solution hose into the coupler and release the brass rings. To ensure the line is properly connected, pull up on the line. The line should remain in the coupler.



                             No Power or Loss of Power

                             Loss of Water Pressure

                             Improper Suction or Loss of Vacuum Power

                             Excess Foaming  

                             Carpet Discoloration


  No Power or Loss of Power
  1) Make sure machine is switched "on."
  2) Make sure cord is plugged in and power switches are on.
  3) If power is still not restored, push reset button on top of machine.
  4) Check your home's circuit breakers or fuse box on house circuits.

  Loss of Water Pressure    
  1) Make sure there is cleaning solution in the lower tank. 
  2) Make sure Mighty Pack solution line is still connected at rear of machine.







  Excess Foaming
 Add 2 oz. Rug Doctor Anti-Foam in the upper tank. Do not add   Anti-Foam cleaning solution to the lower tank.


  Improper Suction or Loss of Vacuum Power
  1) Make sure the plastic dome is properly sealed to the upper tank.
  2) Make sure the filter inside the clear dome is clean.
  3) On the Mighty Pack, check the hose connections on the rear of   machine.

  Carpet Discoloration
 After the carpet is completely dry, if a slight yellowing or browning occurs, it may be due to excess moisture or cleaning solution. To correct, spray a small amount of Rug Doctor Pet Stain Remover directly on to the affected areas and lightly brush it in. Let dry and vacuum. If problems persist call our Consumer Support hotline at 1-800 RUG DOCTOR. They are available 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. central time zone, except Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, and Easter.


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Got Hallways in your house?

Then you have got Hi-Traffic areas that need special attention.
Check out Rug Doctor's
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