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Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration By Internic            70.00       First 2 Years,   35.00       Each Additional Year.  Must be paid In advance with cash, check or Credit Card   Allows customer to have CompanyName.com as address subject to availability.  We would be happy to arrange this for you.                   

Personal/Small Business Web Site Hosting                               19.95      Per Month

*   25 MB of disk storage on our servers  

*   2 POP3 e-mail accounts                      

*   Data and FTP Transfer      

Business/Professional Web Site Hosting                                     25.00      Per Month

*   50 MB of disk storage on our servers

*   5 POP3 email accounts

*   Data and FTP Transfer   

Big Business/Corporate Web Site Hosting                                35.00      Per Month

* 100 MB of disk storage on our servers

*   10 POP3 email accounts                      

*   Data and FTP Transfer  

Web Site setup fees (applicable for all Web Site Hosting                           $ 50.00      One time setup     (Includes labor for obtaining domain name)

For all Web Site Hosting Agreements, your customers will have 24 hour per day 7 days a week access to your web site.  All Web Site Hosting agreements require Domain Name Registration from Internic to have an address like www.CustomerName.com or  addresses will appear as www.shipleysystems/~customername/   

All Internet Accounts and Web Hosting Agreements are subject to the Acceptable Use Policy. We do not accept Advertising or Websites that depict Sexually Implicit Materials or that Advertise any thing that is prohibited by Federal or New Mexico Laws.     


Additional Web Site hosting quote's can be obtained by contacting Webmaster’s                            

Brian Harman - brian@ShipleySystems.com or                       










All Purchases of RadioShack Merchandise must be made in the Store.  We can assist you in ordering On-Line from RadioShack.com.
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