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Acceptable Use Policy

ShipleySystems maintains a firm policy on all forms of net abuse.

This use policy applies to all Websites and Domains owned by or hosted by ShipleySystems, LLC Including http://shipleysystems.com and http://sr66.com .

It is the policy of ShipleySystems to provide its customers and their subscribers as complete access as possible to the networks and organizations that are connected to the Internet. With the exception of information specifically authored by us or on our behalf, ShipleySystems does not develop, publish, review, censor, or edit the material that is accessible through ShipleySystems, nor does it control the content of other computer networks connected to ShipleySystems. The persons and organizations, including ShipleySystems customers and their subscribers, who publish information that is accessible through our network are solely responsible for the content of such material and are expected to know and comply with all laws applicable to its publication. ShipleySystems does not accept responsibility for content published by others, and does not accept responsibility for the violation of any laws resulting from such publication.  ShipleySystems Internet Service includes access to Web sites that may contain language or pictures that are not appropriate for those users under the age of 18.  It is the users responsibility to monitor and restrict access to these sites.  Commercial packages are available which will filter out, or restrict access to, sites that may contain inappropriate content.  If you need assistance in obtaining or configuring such packages, please contact ShipleySystems.  

ShipleySystems Guidelines

ShipleySystems customers, their subscribers, and their constituents are responsible for complying with the ShipleySystems Acceptable Use Policy, as well as the acceptable use policies governing any network that is accessed through, but not owned by, ShipleySystems. It is the responsibility of all customers, their subscribers, and others who have access to our network to:

Use ShipleySystems services in a manner that does not violate any applicable laws or regulations

Respect the privacy of others by not deliberately gaining entry into computer systems intended to be private, and not obtaining or modifying files, passwords, or other data belonging to other users without those users' permissions'

Respect the legal protection provided by copyright, trademark, licenses, and other laws regarding programs, data and documents

Use ShipleySystems services in a manner that does not constitute a theft of service from, interfere with, disrupt, or cause a denial of service for other network users, services or equipment. This includes but is not limited to:

Wide scale distribution of messages to inappropriate forums or mailing lists,

Deliberate propagation of computer worms or viruses,

Use of the network to make unauthorized entry to other computational, information or communications devices or resources,

Security probing activities or other attempts to evaluate the security integrity of a network or host system without permission from the network or host system's owner,

Use of operating system bugs, system characteristics, or programs to deliberately cause a machine or network to malfunction or lose network connectivity without the machine or network owner's permission,

Deliberately misrepresenting one's own identity by: sending email, usenet, or other forum-based messages where another person's email address, contact information, or name is used as the sender without that person's permission; sending network packets that have been modified to indicate that the packet came from a different network or machine (spoofing); or by causing email, usenet, or forum message header information to contain incorrect entries by either appending to them or modifying existing header information,

Sending unsolicited commercial email (UCE) through ShipleySystems network or mail servers, or using any part of our network to provide for an included link or reference for UCE. UCE and all similar forms of "junk email" are considered theft of service by ShipleySystems and are expressly prohibited.

In addition, all ShipleySystems customers have signed a contract which states:

"Any access to other networks connected to ShipleySystems must comply with the rules for that other network. Company and its users shall observe all generally accepted 'net etiquette'. Company and its users agree to be held liable for their actions and how they are interpreted by other 'citizens' and users of the Net.

Unacceptable behavior includes: sales practices, mass-unsolicited Email distributions ("Spamming"), overt, direct advertising on discussion boards/newsgroups, language and other items."

Enforcement and Violations

Each ShipleySystems customer and their subscribers shall be responsible to distribute, publicize and enforce the ShipleySystems Acceptable Use Policy at their sites. In addition, each ShipleySystems customer shall provide this policy to the appropriate administrative authorities at all sites connected to theirs. Even though ShipleySystems does not review, censor or edit the material accessible from our network, if we become aware that a ShipleySystems customer or one of their subscribers are in violation of this Acceptable Use Policy, ShipleySystems reserves the right to impose disciplinary action. Evidence of illegal activity may be disclosed to law enforcement authorities. 

Modifications to this policy

ShipleySystems reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. Reproduction of this document for the purposes of distribution to aid compliance is permitted.


Questions related to the ShipleySystems Acceptable Use Policy, spam, UCE, hacking, and other forms of net abuse should be addressed to: 

ShipleySystems, LLC
PO Box 866
Tucumcari, NM 88401

Phone: (575)-461-6448 or (575)-461-1730

For questions or problems regarding this web site, please contact:  eddie@ShipleySystems.com

Copyright 2000 ShipleySystems, LLC







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