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All Accounts are subject to Late-Fees, Reconnect Fees, and Minimum service contracts involving Free Installation.

 Internet Price Schedule

We offer a New Free Internet Connection CD, gets you On-Line in Minutes.

This CD works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and the New XP.  This simplifies the Process in Making an Internet Hookup.  For users that have Apple, McIntosh, and Web TV, and Game Users  we do offer free In-Shop Internet Installation.  We will also do in-home or in-office Setups for all customers for a $10.00 Service call Fee.

Add Our Fast Internet or GoFast to Any Account for an Additional $4.00 Per Month (Click for More Information)



 Monthly Charges

 Monthly Charges



 By e-Mail


By Mail

Basic Internet Service (Unlimited Access).  5 MB of disk storage space for a Personal Web Page, and e-mail storage.  Usage over 5 MB billed at 50 Cents / MB per Month.



Dual Account (2 Login Names-Dual Logins on same premises)



Simple Internet Service limited to 20 Hours per month.  A fee of $2.00 per hour is assessed for usage in excess of 20 hours.



Business, Corporate or Organization Multiple User Account (5 Login Names-All connecting Through a Proxy Server, Using one Internet connection) on same premises.  Must be paid for by the Business or organization.





Additional e-Mail Addresses (all Accounts-Not Including a connection to the Internet)






Other Charges



Late Fee of $2.00 applies to All Internet Bills not paid in full by the 10th of the Month following the Billing Date.

Installation Fee (does not include installation of hardware, software, drivers or Browsers)

 Free CD


Service Call To Repair Setup after installed. or to Repair Self Hoop-Up.


 Per Hour

Re-Connect Fee-- If account is disconnected due to non-payment the customer must pay all past due amounts Plus the Next month in advance, or Pay the Reconnect Fee.



Web Page Design and Installation starting at


 Per Hour

Consultation Services are available





All Basic Internet Accounts include one (1) Login User name, One (1) e-mail account and allows  user one connection to the Internet at a time. Effective May 10, 2001 A late Minimum Fee of $2.00 will be assessed to all accounts not paid in full by the 10th of the Month Following.  Accounts not paid by the 15th of the Month will be subject to Disconnect.  We will waiver the Disconnect Fee if a customer pays the Current Month Bill and Pays the following month Bill.

Prepayment Discounts for Internet Service

    Six Weeks Free Bakers Dozen when you prepay for 12 Months Service in advance.

    Fifteen Days Free Service when paying 6 Months Service in advance.

    Seven Days Free Service when paying 3 Months Service in advance.

Any customer canceling a prepayment before the end of the plan, will have the plan amount due and free service recomputed based on the length of time the actual service was in effect.

All Internet plans are subject to our Acceptable usage Policy which covers connection, idle time and maximum connection Times.

Our Basic Unlimited Internet Account includes one (1) Login User Name, One (1) e-mail account and allows the user one connection to the Internet at a time.  This account has unlimited access, but unlimited does not mean permanent connection.  If an account is inactive for an extended period of time it will be disconnected by the server.  The customer can reconnect to the computer when activity is needed.

The Dual Internet Account includes Two (2) Login User Names, Two (2) e-mail accounts and will allow two connections to the Internet at the same time. Both Computers must be on the Same Premises.  This also includes 5 MB of disk storage space for a Personal Web Page, and e-mail storage.  Usage over 5 MB billed at 50 Cents / MB per Month.

Our Simple Internet Account includes one (1) Login User Name, One (1) e-mail account and allows the user one connection to the Internet at a time.  It is limited to 20 hours of usage per month.  Additional hours used over and above your plan are charged at the rate of $2.00 an hour.

Our Business Account includes five (5) Login User Names, Five (5) e-mail accounts and allows the business up. Allows all 5 computers to connect to the Internet at the same time using a Proxy Server or the Internet connection Sharing.  This also includes 5 MB of disk of disk storage space for a Basic Business Web Page, and email storage.  Usage over 5 MB will be billed at 50 cents / MB per month.

PC and system Requirements for Internet Connection vary.  We recommend and support Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Web TV, Dreamcast, Playstation,  Apple I-Mac, and Some other McIntosh systems.  The customer is responsible for furnishing Software CD-ROMs, and License copies for all Microsoft and Apple Software.  We can furnish and Install Microsoft Internet Explorer on computers with Microsoft operating systems providing that the customer's PC is equipped with a CD-Rom, and the customer has the Original Windows Installation CD-Rom.  Most modern software is not available on Floppy Disks.

Existing customers may receive a $5.00 Credit toward your Internet Service bill for each New Customer that you refer to us, after the new customer has completed their hook up.

All New Accounts must pay for the First Month in advance unless prior arrangements are made and approved by Shipley Systems.  The customers will be billed by the first day of each month, with the bill due on Receipt.  The account will be considered Delinquent and subject to Finance Charges if the payment is Not Received prior to the 10th of the Month, and will be disconnected on the 20th of the Month, unless arrangements are made, and will be subject to the re-Connect fees.

ShipleySystems will publish notice of fee increases at least 15 days before increases are to take effect.

Cancellation requests must be made prior to the last day of the month to be processed for the next billing cycle.  Cancellation requests made after that time will be honored immediately and charges will be prorated.  The customer will be billed for internet service until the day that they notify us that they want to disconnect.

Service Outage.  If our server is down for more than 24 Hours during the Month we will grant you a pro-rata credit off or your Billing.  If your computer is Broken or out of service for more than 7 Days we will grant a pro-Rata Credit for usage, providing you notify us at the time that the computer is broken or not in service.

We will do new set-up's and computer Repair before or after normal business hours at our prevailing overtime service rates, subject to availability of staff.  Call out fees are subject to a $25.00 Minimum Service Call plus $37.50 per hour.

We also offer occasional consultation on Computer and Internet operations and options to Customers during Normal Business Hours subject to availability of staff.  We do not take Internet or Help calls before or after normal Business hours (See Below).  If you are experiencing problems after hours you may leave a message on the Answering Machine at 461-6448, or make a request for after hours service.

 All fees are subject to applicable New Mexico Gross receipts tax.  All Internet Accounts are accepted subject to The Acceptable Use Policy.

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