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ShipleySystems, LLC DSL Pricing

Qwest DSL is a very economical high-speed Internet connection. This is a shared line service, meaning you can connect and talk on the same phone line at the same time. There is no loss of speed when you use the telephone. If you are currently paying for two phone lines, you may actually save money by ordering this service on your primary line, and canceling the second line.

When you order this service ActionTech DSL router may be leased for $5/mo or purchased for $59.99 from Qwest. Install charges are subject to change with Qwest pricing and promotions. See below for current Qwest promotions.  Wireless G Models of the Router are available for 99.99 or lease for $8.00 per month.

Commercial or Business rates are slightly higher on the Qwest Charge.

DSL Order Form


Down / Up

Qwest Charge1

Shipley Charge2

Total Cost

Qwest Choice DSL

256/256 Kbps*




Qwest Choice DSL Deluxe

1.5 Mbps/896 Kbps*




Qwest Choice DSL Premier4





Qwest DSL 640K

640/256 Kbps




Qwest DSL Pro 640K

640/640 Kbps




Qwest DSL Pro 1M

1000/1000 Kbps




Qwest DSL Pro 4M

4000/1000 Kbps




Qwest DSL Pro 7M

7000/1000 Kbps




* These are "Best Effort" services which do not guarantee a minimum rate. The specified rate is the highest rate you may expect. You may see lower rates depending on loading on the Qwest DSL network interfaces. Pricing for the 3, 5, and 7M services are the same, because your phone line may not be capable of sustaining a 7M connection. All of these services are specified by Qwest.

  • 1 Qwest bills you for the DSL service on your phone bill.
    2 ShipleySystems, LLC bills you for the Internet access, which includes the standard service package (Up to five mailboxes, 20 Mb space to store your own web pages, unlimited technical support with a local call, web mail access, Spam Filtering and Virus Checking).
    3 This service is intended for people who do not currently have a Qwest phone line, and wish to order DSL only, no Dial-tone.
    4 ShipleySystems, LLC is not able to order these services for our customers. Our customers may call 800-348-1688 to order these services. You may tell Qwest that you want ShipleySystems, LLC to be your ISP for the service. We will receive a connect order from Qwest when the order goes through.

Qwest charges for activation of the DSL service are $99.00 (Subject to promotional specials, see below).

Qwest DSL Subscriber Promotions - December 2, 2008 to April 7, 2008

  • No activation charge (saves $99.00) for new subscriptions to:
    • Choice DSL (256/256k)
    • Choice DSL Deluxe (up to 1.5M)
    • Choice DSL Premier
    • Standalone Choice DSL Deluxe (up to 1.5M) - no voice phone line needed
    • Standalone Choice DSL Premier (up to 7M) - no voice phone line needed
  • Monthly service charge reduced for 1st year on new Choice DSL Deluxe to $25.00/Month
  • Qwest Pricing is for the first 12 Months of Service.
  • Speed Change charge waived (regularly $9.99) for the following when changing:
    • Choice DSL or DSL 640K to Qwest Choice DSL Deluxe or Qwest Choice DSL Premier
    • Choice DSL Deluxe (including Standalone) to Choice DSL Premier (including Standalone)
    • Any customer who is downgraded due to repair issues/process
  • Monthly service charge reduced for 1st year on upgraded service:
    • Choice DSL Deluxe $19.99/Month for upgrades from:
      • Choice DSL
    • Choice DSL Premier $25.00/Month for upgrades from:
      • Choice DSL
      • DSL 640K
      • Choice DSL Deluxe (bundled or standalone)
    • Promotional upgrades do not apply to the following:
      • Change from DSL Deluxe Standalone to Choice DSL Deluxe with a landline
      • Upgrade from DSL 640k to Choice DSL Deluxe
      • Change from DSL Premier Standalone to Choice DSL Premier with a landline


  • Technical Installation fee reduced to $59.99 (save $40) for all new Qwest Choice DSL and Qwest Choice DSL Deluxe customers.  The DSL system is intended to be a self installation, but if you desire our Technicians will come to you house, Install and configure One Computer to run on the DSL.  Fees for connection of Networks and additional computers is available at standard Network Service rate less the Internet Customer Discount.







All Purchases of RadioShack Merchandise must be made in the Store.  We can assist you in ordering On-Line from RadioShack.com.
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